The Five Best Lines From Last Night’s Parks And Recreation

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Last night's Parks and Recreation was no snoozer. Horny old people, an obvious ex-gay, and an empty-headed congressman all provided ripe grounds for hilarity. But only five one- and two-liners could make it into the round-up, and here they are.


The old people getting STDs plot was pure gold. It's tough to meme-i-fy, but I also LOVED Andy‘s giggly, grossed out reaction to the revelation that old people still have sex.


Sometimes I wonder how April is able to love someone so obviously empty upstairs. Maybe it's his hot bod?


Tom‘s whole “no screens” plot was amazing. I also appreciate his burgeoning social awareness as evidenced by his rant on racist iPhone emoticons. It's the second time he's gotten mad at racism!


Oh, Donna. Ann makes it too easy for you sometimes, doesn't she?


Just because Chris is probably a little crazy doesn't mean he can't be self-aware.