Watch Our Super Cool Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of Chris Hemsworth Fighting In Snow White And The Huntsman

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While you may be talking about Snow White and the Huntsman for more scandalous reasons, we're discussing it because it's finally out on DVD and Blu-Ray! In case you needed another reason to relive the magic of Snow White and the Huntsman by watching it over and over again,  let me remind you that Chris Hemsworth stars in the film as the Huntsman.

Yes, this Chris Hemsworth.

The only man who makes us want to return to medieval days and start dating. Or at the very least start up an online medival dating site for men who look like the Huntsman and woman who like men who look like the Huntsman. I think it would be very lucrative and I'm putting it in my dream journal right now.

Our friends over at Snow White and the Huntsman know just how much we crush on Chris Hemsworth and sent us an exclusive behind-the-scenes video clip of him discussing a fight scene in the forest with Finn. Hearing Sam Spruell, the normal actor who plays the evil henchman Finn in the movie, discuss Chris Hemsworth's body in detail makes me happy.

Almost as happy as I would be if Charlize Theron gave me the secret to her everlasting beauty in the movie. If I could be Charlize Theron and date Chris Hemsworth, I'd be the happiest girl in the entire world. But since I can't, this awesome clip will have to do.


(Images: Occidental Observer/Captain Wonderpants/The Stag Lord)


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