Watch Miley Cyrus Smoke A Bong

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Miley Cyrus bong rips? They're pretty cool.

The pop tartlet let her friend video her taking a few hits from a bong at a party after 18th birthday. Surprise! It made it to the internet. And it's pretty awesome. TMZ has the whole video. Highlights?

Probably watching Miley explaining “I”m having a little bit of a bad trip,”as her friends try to peer pressure her into doing more hits from the bong.

“You need to do more. You're not as fucked up as you should be.”

And then watching Miley die of laughter when she confuses someone for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

But none of those were the best part. What would that be? Definitely the fact that Bush's “Comedown” is playing in the background. Teenagers! Miley's team says the bong was filled with an herb called salvia that is legal in California. But we're not so sure. Take a look at any of these various salvia videos to see what people act like when they smoke salvia.

As a side note, if Vanessa Bayer does not parody this video on Saturday Night Live this weekend, my faith in the writers of that show may never be restored. It's hard to watch the video and not remember how spot on her impersonation is. Check it: