Maude Apatow Should Get Her Own Talk Show Someday Judging From This Adorable Video Of Her And Rebel Wilson

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My coworkers have been telling me to check out these videos of Maude Apatow interviewing Rebel Wilson for Pitch Perfect, but I've been resisting because I keep envisioning Maude and her sister when they were little in Knocked Up. And as much as I find little kids unbearably cute just for existing, put a camera in front of them and try to make them do something cutesy, and it's a complete turn-off for me. Then I remembered that Maude is 13 now, so an actual person of her own, and I immediately started watching.

I'm glad I did, because she is just… I'm not even sure how to articulate why I'm so impressed. It's not because she's Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann‘s child, because there's no mention of her famous parents. Her likability comes from the fact that she's a really eloquent teenager, but she still succumbs to cute reactions like giggling nervously — because this is her first on-camera interview — and actually reacting to what Rebel says. I feel like I watch a lot of interviews where the interviewer has to be pretty neutral and low-key in order to make the star the center of attention. But here Maude and Rebel share the camera almost equally, chatting about Pitch Perfect and how much Maude freaked out when she interviewed One Direction (off-camera, thankfully for her nerves).

I really think that Rebel brings out the best in her interviewers. Like with that video of her and Ellen DeGeneres rapping Salt N Pepa‘s “Shoop”—we know that Ellen is badass already, but even we were surprised when she pulled out that rap like that. Same with here. I already knew her great malaria story, but you can see how captivated Maude is when Rebel talks about hallucinating that she had won an Oscar and giving an acceptance rap instead of a speech. And honestly, that kind of genuine interest is something we should see in more reporters who — myself included — get kinda jaded after interviewing a bunch of celebs.