Get Ready To Feel Chills At The First Full-Length Les Miserables Trailer

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I'll be honest, I'm feeling kinda ambivalent about the upcoming Les Miserables film. But then again, I wasn't a huge fan of the musical like so many of my theater friends. I've seen it once or twice and delighted in a few songs, but otherwise didn't really connect with the characters. Even when I heard that Hugh Jackman (who I love in everything), Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and other stars were in the movie adaptation, I still found my interest drawn more to aspects of the filming rather than the movie itself: Anne's crazy diet, the fact that they sang it live, etc.

Well, after months of teasers and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, the first full-length trailer is here! I've watched it a few times already, and each time I get goosebumps. Because wow, they've really matched it to the classic show that everyone remembers. All of the drama is here—not just Fantine (Hathaway) dying and Jean Valjean (Jackman) taking care of her daughter Cosette, but also the student rebellion at the barricades and the tragic love triangle between Cosette (Seyfried), Marius (Eddie Redmayne), and Eponine (Samantha Barks). Trust me, Barks is gonna break your heart in this.

Also, I finally have a better sense for Hathaway's ability to play Fantine's anguish at being cast out onto the street, getting her head shaved, and having to turn to prostitution to keep her daughter alive. But you also have the heartwarming moments with Valjean. Not to mention the smile I couldn't help when listening to Russell Crowe sing. Every movie needs an off-kilter singer! (Mamma Mia! had Pierce Brosnan, and I love him for it.) Oh, and our first real look at Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen as the Thenardiers!

So if you're like me and not sure you'll be won over by this tale, you'll be OK. And of course the rest of you have been waiting for this moment for years. So check out the trailer before it gets pulled, and tell us what you loved or hated in the comments!

[via Screen Rant]