Video: Newly Single Justin Bieber Sings Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ At Concert

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In case you weren't sure who was the victim in the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez breakup, the Biebs cemented his single status by crooning “Cry Me A River” at his concert on Saturday night. As in, the day after the report came that they had split over “trust issues.” We've long suspected that Selena was the one who had power in the relationship and realized that she needed to cut and run. It doesn't help that he's singing lyrics like So you took a chance / And made other plans and You told me you loved me / Why did you leave me, all alone.

It really is pop culture history repeating itself. Justin Timberlake released this song in 2002, shortly after he and Britney Spears broke up. It was rumored that she broke his heart, and this — plus “What Goes Around… Comes Around” — clearly showed that he was playing the harmed party. Justin sounds less angry than sad when singing this acoustic version, but he's got plenty of support from cheering fans, who even sing along.

What's especially ironic is that a few months ago, Justin bristled when a radio DJ compared him to JT. “That’s crazy because our voices sound nothing alike,” he bitched on the air. “Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment.” Except, I guess it's convenient when he wants to borrow the most un-subtle breakup ballad.

So will Selena emulate Britney and refuse to respond through song, but then record a majorly depressing single like “Everytime” where she symbolically dies? Somehow I think she'll be too busy with her movie career for that.

Photo: @justinbieber