Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs The New Kate Gosselin Reality Dating Show

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You may have heard by now that Kate Gosselin is rustling around in the thicket looking for a new reality show to take her and her eight kids under its wing. And this time it's gonna be a dating show! Because ‘woman with eight kids' wasn't quite enough — we have to add in ‘woman with eight kids on national television‘ as well. It seems like I'm not alone in this opinion, either, because Jimmy Kimmel did a spoof on his show last night of what a Kate and Eight Plus Date show would look like. Um, P.S. I just made up that name, and it's genius, and you guys were all here to see it happen so if they try to steal it, I'm gonna sue the pants of them, so help me Gosselin.

In the spoof, Jimmy imagines the show as a ‘cross between The Bachelorette and The Deadliest Catch,' where Sarah Palin shoots the contestants with a tranquilizer gun after they're chosen at random from the population. They are then transported to a tropical island where they are ‘hunted like animals by Kate and her eight kids. Who will escape, who will perish and who will be captured and forced to marry Kate?' Probably my favorite line of the whole video is when Jimmy says Kate' enjoys long walks on the beach, but not the beach you picked out…that beach sucks and you're an idiot for choosing it.'

Hilarious as this is, I'm oddly intrigued to find out what the actual project is, not just so that I can watch it, but also so that Jon Gosselin can immediately try one-upping it in his own failed career. Say what you will about Kate Gosselin being a bitch — and a lot has been said — but at least she's never DJ-ed a middle school prom. Never thought I'd say this, but advantage Kate.