Video: Jason Segel And Neil Patrick Harris Sing ‘Confrontation’ From Les Miserables

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Like I said when the first Les Miserables trailer appeared online last week, I've never been as emotionally attached to this musical as a lot of my other theater friends. However, you can't deny that the music is fantastic. And you know what I am emotionally attached to? Stars I love belting out the iconic songs. Like this video of Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris launching into the “Confrontation” song between Valjean and Javert.

This spontaneous moment in pop culture happened early in How I Met Your Mother‘s run, when the cast went on Megan Mullally‘s talk show in one of their first group appearances. The talk show has since been cancelled, but this video lives on. NPH jokes that he and Jason like to trade Les Mis lyrics, and when the audience starts cheering, they oblige.

But while they could've gotten away with singing only a few bars, what makes this interaction hilarious is how they keep egging each other on, back and forth while Megan giggles and the other HIMYM castmates are at first uncomfortable and then having a ball. Remember that Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders were unknowns back then, so from their reactions you imagine they're thinking first What have we signed on to? and then This is gonna be great.

Every time talk of Les Mis comes up, I make sure to show my friends this video. I dunno, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe have a lot to live up to.