Video: The First Real Trailer For Season Two Of Girls Is Here, And It Is Amazing

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If you, like me, have spent the past many months wondering how Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna and the rest of the gang have been doing since the deliciously cringeworthy season one finale, have no fear: Girls is returning January 13, and from the looks of the brand new season two trailer, it's going to be even zanier than the first.

There is so much juicy stuff here I don't even know where to start. Hannah has broken up with Adam, sending him into a downward spiral of insane behavior that up-ends the “hysterical ex-girlfriend” trope like whoa. Hannah is dating Patrick Wilson in an effort to make better choices (yesss). Shoshanna and Ray are still having sex and being hilarious together. Marnie's inflated self-image is punctured repeatedly. And holy shit, is that a one-second shot of Jessa punching Chris O'Dowd in the face? I knew that was bound to happen soon.

It looks like season two will provide some comeuppance to people who think Girls' characters never grow or change. It remains to be seen whether any of NYC's numerous non-white, young, awkward bohemians will make an appearance in a speaking role, but I remain hopeful.

(Via Flavorwire)