Video: Hannah Gets Rejected By A Cupcake Shop For Not Being Boisterous Enough In This Deleted Scene From Girls

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To help drum up buzz for the crazy-looking second season of Girls, HBO has released a deleted scene from the last season, and what a deleted scene it is. In it, our hapless Hannah Horvath applies for a job at a very pink cupcake shop, which seems like a good idea, as we already know she has a passion for baked goods. But when she goes to check on the status of her application, she has a rude awakening whereby a man in a pink bandana tells her that her application lacked the pizzaz of more successful candidates like the irrepressible Emur.

Speaking like a demented Diablo Codycharacter, the man in pink explains to Hannah that she needs to look for jobs “a little more boisterously,” but that he will keep her resume on file. (“We have a total file” might be one of the funniest rejections Lena Dunham has written for her character yet.) But because Hannah is a good sport about the criticism, he gives her a cupcake “on the hizz-ouse,” which you just know she goes home and consumes in the bathtub while planning her next move.

Why this scene got cut, I do not know, but I do know it has effectively gotten me excited to watch this show all over again.

(Via Glamour)