Video: Dogxter Is The Dexter Parody The Internet Has Been Waiting For

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Are you a fan of the opening credits of Dexter, as well as the Internet's second favorite animal? Well, now someone has mashed the two up so that in addition to realizing how gross getting ready in the morning is, you'll never look at dogs the same way again.

Presented by CHOWTIME (aw), “Dogxter” follows one cute pup as she goes through her morning routine: having her nails clipped, getting brushed, peeing on the carpet, eating breakfast, etc. As with Dexter, said things are filmed in close-up while spooky music plays, a dead giveaway that this dog is a serial killer. Where is she going with that leash harness on? How will she give her owner the slip? What kinds of bad dogs does she plan to put to sleep?? Find out next time on Dogxter.

(Via Buzzfeed)