Video: Damian Lewis’ Gangnam Style Dance Will Melt Your Heart

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For the longest time, I would mix up my TV gingers: I kept thinking that Homeland‘s Damian Lewis was Cristina's war veteran lover Owen on Grey's Anatomy. Turns out that's Kevin McKidd—though let's note that both have played servicemen. But after watching Damian's appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, I won't easily forget him!

Among Jonathan Ross‘ guests was Korean pop star Psy, so of course Jonathan asked the others if they would attempt the “Gangnam Style” dance. First off, I adore the way that the British Damian scoffs, “Gangnam?”, sounding just like a character out of Dracula Dead and Loving It. But then he gets up and does the dance—and nails it. Seriously, I didn't think a white guy could be that on-point. The blonde next to him is doing the half-assed Britney Spears version where she has her wrists one on top of the other, but Damian looks like he spent hours watching the video and practicing in the mirror.

WHEN HE PRANCES ACROSS THE STAGE? My God, I have a new ginger celebrity crush. How does this keep happening?

I'm just bummed that the video cuts out before we get to see Psy's reaction. As you can tell, Jonathan Ross can't handle all the BAMFness that's happening in these thirty seconds. Damian also told an anecdote about how he totally signed the most awkward thing on Barack Obama‘s copy of the Homeland DVD box set. Here's the story, but you should definitely watch it on the video (it comes around the 6-minute mark):

Claire Danes had written something very lovely and very sweet, saying ‘I was a fan of yours long before you were a fan of ours,’ and I thought ‘that’s really stylish… I want to write something really great a classy, so I went ‘From one Muslim to another,’ in an indelible Sharpie [pause for awkward laughter]. And I couldn’t take it back… I do hope he understands irony.”

Damian Lewis, I love you all the time.