Video: This Breaking Bad Tour Of Albuquerque Is The Most Depressing TV Tour I’ve Ever Wanted To Go On

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Do you ever watch Breaking Bad and think, “wow, those locations look so festive…perhaps I'll visit them on my next family vacation”? One Austin couple recently did, and made a video showing all of their stops on the most depressing TV tour ever invented. Also: the only one I've ever wanted to go on.

As you can see, they hit such famous locations as Spooge‘s house, the gas station where Walt explodes a car, and “the corner where Combo gets it.” And it's all set to a cheerful little tune called “Giving Up Drugs Again” by The Womb. Witness as the camera pans cheekily over those dreary places made a hundred times more intense by the things we've witnessed there. I don't know about you, but the video gives me a creepy sense of deja vu, like I've been to those places in my nightmares, and now I'm finding out that they're real. Here's a full list:

Twisters (aka Los Pollos Hermanos)

Jesse’s Aunt’s house

Tuco’s hideout

Hank and Marie’s house

Spooge’s house

Hank’s workplace

the “corner where Combo gets it”

Jesse and Jane’s place (This one makes me weep for Jane, as well as for Krysten Ritter‘s career)

the gas station where Walt explodes a car

the gas station where Skyler buys cigarettes (and where Jesse gets his bike stolen)

the Kimo theater

The White house

Saul Goodman’s business

the Dog House (where Jesse buys a gun)

the Crossroads Motel

and the White’s money-laundering front, the carwash

Of course, you can take comfort in the fact that the bad things on Breaking Bad did not actually happen and the actors who played the people Walt's murdered are alive and well. But it's still spooky. And awesome.

(Via Vulture)