Video: Vince Gilligan And Stephen Colbert Have A ‘Meth Off’ On The Colbert Report

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Last night, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan stopped by The Colbert Report despite his show not currently being on the air, because any time is a good time to talk about Breaking Bad. It's just that good.

In refusing to tell Stephen how the series ends, Vince said he doesn't really know yet, but that it doesn't end well for the characters. (Spoiler alert!) Next, Stephen challenged him to a meth-off in which they each had to give street names for the drug until they ran out. Gilligan's included “ice,” “shabu” and “panzer chocolate” while Colbert had the excellent “get-go” and “Dr. Ice's tooth loosener.” (I'm pretty sure Stephen won.) The second part of the interview is worth watching as well, if for no other reason than the comparison Stephen draws between Vince and Walt‘s facial hair.

But as fun as this was, it was still no substitute for Breaking Bad itself, and reminded me how annoyed I am at Vince for making me wait a whole year to see what is really the second half of the last season. He's lucky his show is so great, or I totally would've broken up with him by now.

(Via Colbert Nation)