The First Photos Of The Fully Reunited Arrested Development Cast Are Here!

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Holy shit, it's really real. We've known for a while that Arrested Development is coming back via Netflix in 2013, but since it was first canceled, we've never seen the whole cast in the same place at the same time…until now. Some great new photos in Entertainment Weekly prove that not only has the cast reunited, they are actively promoting the show…and might I say, looking good in the process!

Almost everyone looks largely the same as they did back in 2006, especially the disturbingly ageless Michael Cera, who has willed himself to remain an awkward teenager forever, because those are the only parts he knows how to play. Alia Shawkat, however, looks quite grown up, which makes sense because she was 17 when the series ended and she's 23 now. It's almost like she was ‘shopped in from the cover of Vanity Fair's “up and coming actresses” issue.

I love the way everyone is mugging in this last one, especially David Cross (I missed you, Tobias!), the developmentally delayed Buster (sorry Tony Hale, you'll always be Buster to me) and a very committed-to-the-joke Cera. I seriously cannot wait to see what the gang has in store for us in the reunion season.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photos: Entertainment Weekly