Netflix Adds A Bunch Of Fake ‘Watch Instantly’ Titles To Get Us Stoked For The Return Of Arrested Development

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Arrested Development: it is still really happening! And/or Netflix is playing a cruel joke on us. But I prefer to think there is still some good in this world.

To help get everyone psyched for the cult hit's 2013 return via Netflix Watch Instantly, Netflix has added a bunch of fake titles taken from the world of Arrested Development. You can't actually watch them, but Netflix's excellent synposes are nonetheless amusing. Here are some of my favorites:

Les Cousins Dangereux (above)

To escape the scorn of their dissaproving families, two cousins flee to a sleepy, provincial town in France but are forced to hide their incestuous affair from the prying eyes of local villagers in this awkward tale of forbidden romance.

Girls With Low Self Esteem



Sunshine and self-esteem issues collide as drunken, scantily-clad co-eds with low self-worth and absolutely no shame hit Spring Break in Southern California. It's a wild, weekend adventure that you'll never forget … but they'll wish they could.

Families With Low Self Esteem



Tobias Funke, the semi-renowned Freudian analyst/therapist and former chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides counseling to families deep in crisis in this deeply probing and emotionally uplifting series.





Sibling rivalry is taken to the extreme as brothers battle it out in this compilation of adolescent boyfights featuring “A Day in the Life of American Boys,” A Boyfights Cookout,” “Backseat Boyfights” and “I Don't Want to Go to Bed.”

Caged Wisdom: Musings From Prison



Based on his book, “Musings From Prison,” George Bluth presents the latest collection from his ongoing series of life lessons and motivational discourses on the Jewish faith, all while incarcerated at the Orange County Prison.

These are so good I want to post them all, but I won't. The complete collection can be viewed on Netflix.

The fake titles are a nice walk down memory lane for the avid AD fan, as well as a reminder of the attention to comedic detail that made the series so good. And this is not even the extent of it! I feel like a movie version of The Man Inside Me and a documentary on Tobias' strange hair plug disease would be right at home here. Perhaps a fake TV show called Ice The Bounty Hunter?

Regardless, this has gotten me even more excited than I was for the series' return. In fact, I think I just blue myself.

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