Want to See Michael Fassbender in Drag in X-Men: First Class?

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How did Michael Fassbender in a strappy blue dress and red wig end up on the cutting room floor? This clip from the X-Men: First Class deleted scenes is amazing. We've already seen the scene in the movie — it's where James McAvoy and Michael's characters go to a strip club to recruit Angel (Zoe Kravitz). In the theatrical version, we saw Magneto levitate a champagne bucket to demonstrate his powers — now we get to see Professor X in action.

MTV's reaction makes it sound like Charles made Erik change into the outfit and back out in the space of a few seconds, or so it would have seemed to him. But we think that Charles was able to implant the image (Inception!) of “Dragneto” into Angel's head, which would explain why Erik was so confused.

What Charles says to Erik is so proof that they have a secret love: “You've never looked better, darling.”