Want To Pay $1,000 For A VHS Starring Sayid From ‘Lost?’

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So my sister works in this little independent movie store in Newark, Delaware called Video Americain. Part of her job is looking up the prices for movies in case people want to buy a copy. Twenty minutes ago, her Facebook status read that she had found an old VHS worth $1,000, and after calling her on the phone and asking about it (because what VHS is worth a grand, even out of print?), she told me the movie was something called My Own Country, which isn't even that old! It's like from the 80s and has Marisa Tomei and…Naveen Andrews? Holy crap, it's Sayid from Lost!

That still doesn't explain why the VHS is listed as $999.98 on Amazon, since those aren't even the magical numbers. Still, anyone want to chip in with me and own a piece of Naveen history?