Want A Job? Just Show Up!

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I had an “OMG” moment watching this clip….

Apparently, all Jeff requires is for someone to show up at the job interview. That’s it! First guy with no experience but “was first to show” – is hired.

You’ve got to love this guy’s choice of work attire too. What’s up with the white pants?! It’s just so fitting for someone on this show… oh so California, dahrling!! (Or maybe that’s just Jeff?!) LOL!!

According to Bravo, this season, Jeff is trying to “handle his stress better, and by making healthy decisions he is limiting the number of times he flips out on everyone…”. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the show?!In the premiere episode (tomorrow night, 6/17, @ 10PM), Jeff hires a new trash guy, “new Chris,” and puts the old Chris in charge of training him –especially when it comes to that refrigerator organization. Now it’s a WTF? moment…!

For more info on the show check out the official site: http://www.bravotv.com/flipping_out

Tune-in Tuesday at 10pm on Bravo to see how or IF Jeff is “handling” his stress better….

Video Courtesy of BravoTv.com and thanks to Margot Inzetta from 360i on behalf of Bravo