Walter Jackson Reveals His Relationship With Kenya Moore Was Created For TV, Her Craziness Was Not

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You guys. YOU GUYS. Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson‘s relationship on The Real Housewives of Atlanta isn't real! It's completely and totally made up for the cameras! This is amazing news. Also it literally explains everything and I'm so excited about it!

I am fascinated by Kenya Moore. I recap the show every week for Crushable, and it's frankly hard for me to write about anyone but Kenya. If I had my way, the whole Crushable website would just be an altar to her insanity, because it's that brilliant. To catch you up, the Housewives are currently on a couples' trip to Anguilla, where Kenya has been ping-ponging back and forth between putting intense pressure on Walter to propose, and then grinding on her castmates' husbands. It's very strange, fascinating behavior, but it didn't make sense to me at all. What end was she trying to accomplish? Why was she trying to lock it down with her boyfriend and still flirt with randos at the same time?

Oh I know why! Because Walter isn't her boyfriend! They've never had sex! Annnnd we know this because Walter went on a radio show yesterday and told us all about it. And I do mean all about it. Walter and Kenya knew each other because three years ago, they dated for three months. It was long-distance and, in his own words, “nothing ever happened”. When she would visit him, she would stay with her aunt, and when he would visit her, he would stay in her guest room. After a while it petered out, and they didn't speak for a year and a half. Then, in April, Kenya texted Walter to say she was gonna be in Atlanta, and they should talk about some things. So he met up with her and she asked him how he felt about doing reality TV. She was going to be on RHOA, and she offered him the chance to play her boyfriend on the show. He asked around to some of his friends, and everyone he spoke to encouraged him to go on the show; to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

So he agreed. He showed up on set with the producers assuming he really was Kenya's boyfriend. According to Walter, the only people who knew they weren't really dating were himself and Kenya — everyone else, including producers, crew, and the rest of the cast, believed Kenya when she said they were close to marriage. Buuuuut she didn't tell Walter that was her endgame. As far as he knew, they were just putting on a show. She said it was “just like acting”.

Cut to every moment of this season, where she's saying things to him in person like “I'm not trying to put any pressure on you”, and in her interviews she's saying, “I need you to put a ring on it, and then I need you to get me pregnant.” Then after a while she doesn't even bother hiding it in her interviews anymore. She's just saying it straight out — discussing rings and venues and eloping and ohmygodyoucrazybitch! All Walter is doing in these situations is like coughing and skirting the questions, and asking her if she's seriously considering marriage. It's obviously he's incredibly uncomfortable, and it never made sense to me before why he would stick around for all this. Answer: he's not. And he never was. And this is amazing.

Even though Walter says “the whole season I'm really thrown off”, the only reason he's even speaking up about it now is because Kenya is trying to spread the rumor he's gay. Apparently when he filed for divorce from his wife, he stopped speaking to her entirely, and in retaliation she spread the rumor to her close friends that he was gay. Walter told Kenya that story in Anguilla, and he thinks that's where she got her inspiration. But don't worry, ladies, Walter is full-hetero, and as proof he has this charming quote:

“I like my women like I like my rims…22s…24s…26s.”

Very nice, Walter. Super classy. Ultimately, Walter says he's not sorry he did the show, and he's not trying to bash it. He likes Bravo, and he says he met a lot of cool people. And it's important to him that we believe him when he says the producers had no idea – it was his and Kenya's secret. And in fact, he barely has anything negative to say about Kenya, which I think is crazy. He won't reveal what medication he was talking about in Anguilla, saying only:

“I don't wanna bash Kenya. I think she's going through her own little problems. I don't think she knew how she looked on TV — that it was gonna be that way.”

Hokay buddy. You're the one who agreed to ‘play' her boyfriend on reality TV. So if you think her problems are little, you have bigger fish to fry. Just saying.