Can This Fake Poster Of Ryan Gosling In A Walt Disney Biopic Please Be Real?

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Ryan Gosling Walt Disney biopic fake poster

The above poster looks like some wonderfully whimsical drama reminiscent of Finding Neverland and UP, right? Unfortunately, Walt is about as substantial as that Mickey Mouse-shaped cloud floating past Ryan Gosling‘s head as he — looking like a young Walt Disney — sketches out the ideas for an entertainment empire.

French graphic designer Pascal Witaszek conceived of this lovely faux-poster for the biopic that we didn't realize we now want to see. Who would have thought that Gosling would be the perfect choice to play the mustachioed innovator? But we can completely see it—which is why it's especially sad that this was just a lark that Witaszek drew up. It's difficult to find any information on him aside from his LinkedIn page; he doesn't seem to have a blog or Tumblr where he could respond to his poster getting linked around the internet overnight.

What would be awesome would be if this poster could nudge studios and agents into actually making a Walt Disney biopic. Not that Gosling needs the help, but it could do for his career what The Aviator did for Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the Ides of March star has plenty of new projects to keep him busy:

  • He plays a motorcycle stuntman facing off against a cop-turned-politician in The Place Beyond the Pines.
  • The 1940s/50s LAPD-versus-mafia drama The Gangster Squad.
  • Only God Forgives: More gangsters, plus Thai boxing.
  • Lawless, a drama set in the music business where at least one of the love triangles involves Gosling, Natalie Portman, and Rooney Mara.

It's probably just as well. If Disney ran the biopic, they'd probably completely ignore all the hilarious urban legends about Walt being anti-Semitic and cryogenically frozen.