16 of the Most Upsetting Deaths on The Walking Dead

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For a show that is set during the zombie apocalypse, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of deaths every season. In fact, there's a death basically every episode. But still, as common as it might be on The Walking Dead, that doesn't mean that fans aren't often shocked. Whether a death is gutwrenchingly sad or disgustingly gruesome, there have been some very upsetting deaths over the course of the show’s eight seasons. Poor Rick Grimes and Maggie Greene might not be dead, but they've experienced enough loss to last a lifetime. There's only so many times we can see Maggie screaming while she watches one of her loved ones get murdered. And none of her loved ones were even bitten by a zombie, they all have died at the hands of a non-infected human! The f—?!

If you're not all caught up on The Walking Dead, there are spoilers ahead and you have been warned!