Samuel L Jackson Beautifully Narrates ‘Wake the F*ck Up’, The Semi-Sequel To Last Year’s ‘Go The F*ck To Sleep’

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Forget Morgan Freeman. Samuel L Jackson officially nominated himself to be the go-to voiceover man for everything with his beautiful narration for the pro President Obama video, “Wake the Fuck Up.”

If this sounds at all familiar to you, you either read other websites or more likely remember when Samuel L Jackson narrated the popular children's book, Go the Fuck to Sleep. Despite the fact that both videos use the word “fuck” several times, his authoritative voice laced with a hint of kindness makes you feel okay about. It also gives some of us a reason to use the f-word aggressively on a Friday morning at work.  (Also asteriks. Somedays I just feel like I don't use enough asteriks. You kn*w what I'm s*ying?)

The moving video explains to you in profanity-laced detail why you need to metaphorically (and in some cases, literally) wake up to the reality of this election and vote for Barack Obama. Heard of him? Let me narrow it down for you, he's not the guy who owns a gallery on Gallery Girls nor is he the protagonist from Fifty Shades of Grey. He's our president!

So watch this video, feel free to openly say fuck all day today and then do something good, like register to vote. Or register to be a commenter on this site. Either one works for me.