Volkswagen Is Back With Another Star Wars Themed Ad For The Superbowl But This Time With Dogs

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There are those who watch the Superbowl for the football and those who watch it strictly for the commercials. Over the past several years having an ad that really catches the eye of the most-watched sports show of the year is something most brands work on for months, if not years.

Last year Volkswagen showed us just how adorable a mini-Darth Vader could be as he tried with all his might to move things, with the force of course, around his home. By the time 2011 was over, the ad was the most-viewed of the year.

This year Volkswagen, having seen the success that comes when you give the world a nice helping of Star Wars, is back again with the same theme. This time instead of a little kid pulling at your heartstrings we have dogs barking the “Imperial March.” It's brilliant, funny and I'd like the dog dressed as the Ewok shipped to my apartment by the end of the week.

What you're about to see is just a “teaser” for the full-length ad that's scheduled to air on Sunday, February 5th during the Superbowl. If this is just a bit of what's to come then it might be worth putting up with some guys in tight pants tossing around a football and tackling each other just to catch this commercial.

In case you need even more cuteness in your life at this very moment, here's last year's ad: