Vogue Did A Perfect GIF Tribute To Elaine From Seinfeld

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Elaine Benes Seinfeld


Yesterday Hulu debuted the entire series of Seinfeld available for streaming. So if you're just dying to see the episode in the parking garage but TBS isn't showing it today, you can still get on-demand your fix of Jerry being arrested for public urination. This was obviously a cause for celebration for much of the nostalgia-obsessed Internet, with plenty of people reminiscing over everyone's favorite show about nothing. That surprisingly includes Vogue magazine.

Since everyone knows, for Julia Louis-Dreyfus reasons, that Elaine Benes was the best character on that show (and don't even try to argue with me), the magazine put together a fashion tribute to her best moments on their website. The shoot took place in Hulu's replica of Jerry's apartment, which was put up in a corner of Fourteenth Street in Manhattan, and wow is it accurate, right down the the VHS tapes.

Elaine's oversize blazers and penny loafers paired with socks might look pretty dated today, but she totally pulled them off, and of course they look fabulous when updated for 2015 and worn by model and Elaine fan Andreea Diaconu. Jerry is appropriately played by Elliot Tebele, the creator of the Instagram Fuck Jerry. Oh, and the best part of the whole thing? It's all in GIFs. Welcome to the future.

Elaine Vogue push

Here's Elaine's classic “Get out!” move, made all the more fabulous with some creative print mixing. And hey look, pretend Jerry has a hard time keeping a straight face just like real Jerry!

Elaine Vogue dance

Sadly, we don't get the jerky, thumb-heavy Elaine dance we were all hoping for, but I suppose this one will do.

Elaine Vogue lipstick

Hey, Elaine, you got something… right there. No, on the other side. Yeah, there.

You can see the rest of the GIFs, including a little ice cream carton action and some bubble-blowing, over on Vogue.com.

(GIFs: Vogue, via Buzzfeed)