The Mysterious Jolie-Pitt Twins Emerge For A Shopping Trip

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Ever since Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins three years ago, they've been hidden away  from our prying eyes. While we've seen the occasional glimpse of Vivienne and Knox in large ensemble family travel photos, we've never really seen them up close. Unlike Angie and Brad's older children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh,  who are name brand celebrity children on the level of Suri Cruise and Violet Affleck, the twins lead the life of a recluse and despite them already being three, I know nothing about them.  At this age I already knew Shiloh's fashion icon was  Avril Lavigne  and that Suri Cruise insisted on traveling via charter jet or unicorn.

But yesterday, in an unprecedented move, Angie took Vivienne and Knox shopping with her mother-in-law Jane in Beverly Hills. And it looks like all the time away from the paparazzi turned the twins into the happiest Jolie-Pitt children yet. Either Vivienne's truly estatic at the idea of shopping with her mother or she's auditioning for a Crest White Strips commercial. In all my years of stalking celebrity children, I've never seen such a genuine smile.

Oh and Vivi, don`t think I didn`t notice that right leg popping up in that photo. Like mother, like daughter!

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