Notorious Red Carpet Prankster Sentenced To Attend Counseling, Because You Just Don’t Punch Brad Pitt

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Vitalii Sediuk arrested at Maleficent premiere May 2014

The first rule of celebrity red carpet fight club: you don't engage in celebrity red carpet fight club unless you're willing to suffer the consequences, my friend.  Notorious red carpet “prankster” Vitalii Sediuk has been sentenced (Can we just start calling him an asshole now? “Prankster” makes me think of invisible ink and whoopie cushions, not a grown man whose occupation relies on making celebrities uncomfortable in a not-really-that-funny way) after punching Brad Pitt in the face at the Maleficent premiere this week.

Just to refresh your memory – Sediuk has also a.) kissed Will Smith on a red carpet; b.) shoved his face in the crotches of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper; c.) interrupted Adele‘s Grammy speech (how the HELL did this guy actually get inside the Grammys?  Anyone??); and d.) stuck his head up America Fererra's dress at the Cannes Film Festival.  I believe this type of Borat-style pranking is his schtick, but I don't think there's anything even remotely funny about sexual harassment so maybe I'm just lame.

Anyway, Sediuk was sentenced to three years' probation, 20 days of community labor, and was also ordered to undergo a year of psychological counseling after pleading no contest to charges of battery and unlawful activity at a sporting or entertainment event.  The judge also ordered Sediuk to stay at least 500 yards away from all red carpets, movie premieres and entertainment events – which couples quite nicely with his year of therapy.

All that being said, I'm willing to bet this guy shows up at the 22 Jump Street premiere and rubs a fake penis on Jonah Hill‘s face.

(Photo: Michael Wright/WENN.com)