Vince Vaughn Played Himself On SNL Last Night Because That’s The Best Character He Plays

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Vince Vaughn Hosts SNL 4-13-13

Let me start by saying that I like Vince Vaughn.  Sure, all of his movies have a similar feel but they're still funny.  And unlike Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn doesn't seem to churn out a piece of crap movie every single year so that gives us time to forget him a little and then love him all over again.  Lots of actors/comedians are good at “playing themselves.”  Louis CK, for instance.  His whole career is based on the fact that he can play himself better than anyone else can, and he's great at it.  Unfortunately, this kind of limitation doesn't really go over well on something like SNL.

This week we saw another unconventional monologue, and I thought it was great.  The writing was good, the execution was good, the audience participation was good.  I had high hopes for the episode.  The cast gave it their all and I think there were even times that Vaughn did the best he could with the material he was given.  It's been 15 years since the last time Vaughn hosted SNL, so I wish the material would have either been better or better-suited to his talents.  While it wasn't my favorite episode of SNL this season, there were still some funny sketches.  Here are my picks for the un-suckiest of the night:

1.) Opening Monologue
I'm sure these audience members were scoped out ahead of time, but they were perfect choices.  “You sir, you look like a sailor and a gentleman!”  Amazing.  And classic Vince Vaughn at his best.

2.) History of Punk
I love these kinds of sketches–where it's all or nothing and the cast has to give it 110%.  Or anything where Bill Hader has to do a Cockney accent, really.  R.I.P, Sweet Iron Lady.

3.) Weekend Update: Brad Paisley and LL Cool J
I was hoping “Accidental Racist” would be touched upon this week!  While I think the cheese factor of the song is more offensive than the embarrassingly ignorant lyrics, I'm so glad they stopped by to defend it to Seth.

4.) Al Pacino Biopics
All you need to know is: Bill Hader + Al Pacino + Conrad Murray + Blackface.

5.) Short-Term Memory Loss Theater
I love a sketch that thinks outside the box, and in case you couldn't tell I love a sketch that includes Bill Hader.  What if “Two Second Tom” form 50 First Dates had to perform in a play?  Enjoy.


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