Vince Vaughn’s SNL Promos Are Here, And Guess What, They’re Charming

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Saturday Night Live promos Vince Vaughn screen shotAlright Mr. Vince Vaughn, you've got some pretty slippery high heels to fill if you want to impress me on Saturday Night Live this weekend. After all, Melissa McCarthy pretty much killed it last week. I don't know if you were paying attention, but everything from her bumpers to her monologue to her sketches was great, and I'm including her promos in that list. Girl knows what she's doing, because the promo is the new belle of the SNL ball, if you ask me. It's just a little glimpse of the debutante before she twirls down the stairs at the cotillion, and it gives you a taste of how she's gonna perform at the real party.

And in the case of Vince Vaughn, I think this little lady's gonna find a nice husband and make her family real proud. His buddy for the clips is Bobby Moynihan, which is already a good set-up, because I can imagine those two hanging out drinking beer and fishing. I don't know why. But they get around to all the basics, talking about picking up chicks — just cup your hands to support their fuzzy yellow bodies — and revealing that Vince won't actually be present on Saturday night. He didn't realize it was a live show, is all, and that doesn't work for him because he has a meeting with his allergist and a swim class he can't get out of. But luckily Jay Pharoah just happens to be his body double, so he'll do the show on Vince's behalf. Don't you even worry about it.

In other news, this is the second week in a row that I don't know the musical guest — it's someone named Miguel, and just for your own brains to ponder, the last time Vince was on the show was 1998, to promote his movie…Psycho. So a while ago.