Just Vin Diesel Enthusiastically Selling Shark Toys Before He Was Famous, Nothing To See Here

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Just Vin Diesel Enthusiastically Selling Shark Toys Before He Was Famous  Nothing to See Here Vin Diesel Street Sharks 1994 jpg

A video that’s going viral this week shows Vin Diesel selling shark toys at a toy fair in 1994, and it’s guaranteed to brighten your day. These aren’t just any shark toys Vin is selling; they’re “Street Sharks,” crime-fighting human/shark hybrids who also appeared in a TV show of the same name. This was back when Vin’s (or should I say Fin‘s — haha) only acting role was an uncredited appearance as an orderly in the 1990 movie Awakenings. If only 1994 Vin knew back then that Riddick would one day be number one on the DVD charts.

The video features Vin, clad in a bitchin’ leather vest and a shark tooth necklace, demonstrating the toys’ awesome abilities, like holding stuff in their mouths, smashing things, and also… actually, that’s about all they can do. It would probably make today’s technology-obessed children bored out of their minds. But you know who’s not bored out of his mind? Vin Diesel in this video. Or if he is, he doesn’t show it. He’s very passionate about Street Sharks — passionate enough to make several shark puns, including but not limited to “fintastic” and “send the competition to a watery grave.”

But the best part of the whole video comes at the end, when Vin reveals the “HAND SHARK!!!!” (Not to be confused with the Land Shark.) The hand shark is, as you might have guessed, a shark that goes on your hand. Vin proceeds to play with it exactly how I expect a 10-year-old would, sound effects included. As a YouTube commenter points out, Hollywood’s natural response to this video should be to cast Vin in a Street Sharks movie adaptation. I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. Get with the program, movie people.

Has Helen Mirren seen this? I think she’d enjoy it.