Vin Diesel Becomes the Most Unlikely Body Positive Ambassador, and We’re Proud

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It's a scientific fact (not really, but go with me here) that 99.9% of celebrities or people in the public eye get body shamed at some point or another. They're either too thin, or not thin enough, too muscular, or not muscular enough, too tan, or not tanned enough, too perfect or not perfect enough.. on and on and on. It's pretty maddening that just, you know, having a body puts all people (not just celebrities) on a pedestal, up for public debate.

I've never quite understood this — it's like, honestly, who cares what the person next to you looks like? Does it really affect you in any way? Plus, the world would be such a boring place if we all looked the same. Not to get all Brady Bunch on you, but I'm going to, because it's important — the “flaws” (if that's how you perceive your differences) are what make you unique.

That being said, you'd think someone like Vin Diesel, who's basically known for his Adonis-like body, would be immune to body shaming, but this is the world we live in, where internet trolls think even this isn't good enough:

#instastud – Vin Diesel Shirtless & Working Out


Vin fired back after paparazzi photos of him hanging out shirtless on a hotel balcony in Miami surfaced, and the fitness warriors of the world decided they had to comment — the comments ranged to calling him out for his “dad bod” to saying that he “took a well-deserved break from the gym,” you know, since we're all up in Vin Diesel's fitness regimen at all times.

Vin took to Instagram to shut everyone down, saying that “body-shaming is always wrong.” And just like that, he became our hero.


Can we be done with body shaming for good now, please?