Video: Zachary Quinto Embraces His Serial Killer Eyebrows

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Zachary Quinto has that strange kind of allure where we're incredibly attracted to him, we love him and boyfriend Jonathan Groff, and we're also terrified of him. The latter is thanks to several roles he takes where he tricks us with his pretty face that conceals a dark, twisted psyche. We should've learned our lesson after Heroes, but we fell for the same act in American Horror Storyup until two weeks ago, that is.

For his part, Zachary seems to have accepted how he can slide from charming to pants-wettingly scary with just a tilt of his head. Appearing on Conan last night, Zachary demonstrated for Conan O'Brien how easy it is for him to pull a sinister face. “It really is the downward position of the head with the upward glance of the eyes,” he explained. I wonder if he had turned those eyebrows on Donald Trump after the election — like, posted a twitpic of that shot — it would have shut up the blowhard millionaire/reality show host over Twitter. At any rate, Zachary still bitchslapped him pretty well via tweet.

He seems like a good sport about his unusual looks, but that's probably because at default he is still stunningly handsome like other Hollywood types. Even if he's a geek star, even if you would never want to see his face in a dark alley with deceptive lighting… up until that moment, we would completely throw ourselves at him. You know, if he swung that way. Then you have Conan, who bemoans his eternal fate as Creepy Pervert.

Of course, it's that same prominent brow that helped get Zachary the role of Spock in the Star Trek reboot, though he had to sacrifice about 50% of their surface area once he decided that the easiest way to channel Leonard Nimoy‘s alien was to shave them. Hardest working eyebrows in the biz, those are.