Video: Zac Efron Demonstrates His Bra-Un-Hooking Skills, Might Be The Next Ryan Gosling

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It's a fairly uncontroversial statement to make that Zac Efron is a sex object. Ever since he first set teeny-bopper hearts aflame with his role in High School Musical, the guy has been lusted after by girls, boys, women, and men alike. But in his efforts to transition from teen heartthrob to mature adult actor, he knows he needs to transition from a boyish, un-sexually-threatening sex object to a more grown-up and in-control sex subject, and you can see him continue to do that in his latest promotional appearance.

While on an Australian radio show promoting his new film The Lucky One, Efron was asked to demonstrate how he had unhooked his co-star's bra with one hand in the movie. It only took a bit of goading for Efron to do it, explaining that “you just pinch and slide.” This, as well as his endorsements of safe sex and insistence that he's just a regular guy, are all steps on the way to becoming the next Ryan Gosling: a hot guy who also seems nice and normal, and who is lusted over all the more because of his niceness and normality.

One word of advice, though? You can't look like you're trying too hard. Ryan Gosling has never publicly appeared to be actively seeking this kind of attention, which is why prancing around for the paparazzi was perhaps a bad move (assuming that he knew they were there). Then again, I'm thinking his publicist just sent him that very memo, as his bashful blocking-off of his hotel balcony would attest.

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