Video: Will Ferrell (As Ron Burgundy) Gets Our Hopes Up By Announcing The Anchorman Sequel

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Last night on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Will Ferrell stopped by in full Ron Burgundy mode to announce that there's going to be a sequel to the much loved 2004 film. Everyone was so excited! It had better be freaking good, is all I have to say.

Dressed in the swingin' seventies garb of the character, Ferrell played himself in with a jazzy flute solo and offered Conan a bit of constructive criticism (“you look awful”) before breaking the fourth wall to announce that the much hoped-for sequel will indeed be happening. This elicited cheers from the audience and from those at home as well, because Anchorman is a great film! Even after frat bros tried to ruin it by quoting every line like it made them the most hilarious people in the world, the movie stands up to repeated viewings. Twice as much Anchorman in the world can only be a good thing.

Or can it? Excuse me for being skeptical for a second, but when was the last time a sequel lived up to our expectations? A disappointing sequel is worse than no sequel at all, because it serves to muddy the waters of the brand and, using the same characters and similar plots but slightly inferior everything (maybe they couldn't get one star to come back, maybe they couldn't get the same writer), take the shine off something that was once so pure and good. That is not how I want to remember Ron Burgundy.

Then again, this doesn't happen 100% of the time and I would like nothing more than to see a great Anchorman sequel. Let's just hope Ferrell and company can carry it off.

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