Video: Watch Kristen Bell Have A Total Meltdown Over Sloths

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Kristen Bell stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show for a chat this morning, and told her a story about her favorite animal that has to be seen to be believed. Luckily, she brought video footage with her.

The story goes like this. Kristen’s boyfriend Dax Shepard said he had a birthday surprise for her, and told her to get the dogs and go in the other room. Kristen somehow knew immediately that there was a sloth nearby, and began sobbing with joy. Dax had the video camera all ready to capture her look of happy surprise, but when he found her, she was a hysterical mess. The sloth sure was cute, though. (Don’t worry, he didn’t buy the sloth…he only rented it to hang out at her birthday party.)

I love how humorous and self-deprecating Kristen Bell is about the whole thing, and I also love how Ellen fakes her out at the end. Also, now I’m wondering why my boyfriend hasn’t rented me a sloth yet, because sloths are pretty much the best.

(Via Vulture)