Video: Vinny Guadagnino Descibes Sex With Snooki, Leaves Us Horrified

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Jersey Shore guido extraordinaire Vinny Guadagnino dropped by The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, and Wendy totes wanted to know all the gossip! Specifically, she wanted to know if Vinny had an orgasm during his sexual encounter with Snooki.

Tasked with describing what Snooki's like in bed, Vinny asked Wendy, “Did you ever have sex with a meatball?” Um, Vinny, I believe that fetish is called sploshing, and it seems unlikely Wendy would admit to it on-air. The real winner here is the studio audience, each member of which will go home with the third season of Jersey Shore on DVD. They're all so excited — it's almost like they haven't seen the show.