Video: The New Cosmopolis Trailer Makes Me Want To See It Even More Than I Already Did

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So there's finally a US trailer out for Cosmopolis, and it appears to contain everything I want to watch on a movie screen, including: sex, violence, existential philosophy, capitalist dystopia, Robert Pattinson as a character who fucks, and a little thing called THE MOTHERFUCKING CLASS STRUGGLE.

What's the actual plot of this movie? Who cares when you've got Robert Pattinson looking all pale and evil while doing shady business deals, sexing assassin-type babes, and shooting a hole in his own goddamn hand? In a weird way, it's almost like his role in Twilight set him up perfectly to play this role, as he plays some sort of real life capitalist vampire who rides around in limos saying vaguely nihilistic things as inverted Karl Marx quotes play on the billboard that usually displays the stock market prices.

And speaking of Karl Marx…damn, David Cronenberg. I've always suspected you of being a red, and it looks like you've finally delivered some top-notch riot porn, giant inflatable rat and all. And from the looks of it, these rioters are way more bloodthirsty than the frequently pepper sprayed members of Occupy Wall Street. Break out the special effects and let's fuck up some one percenters!

I'll admit I still have no clue what this movie is going to be “about,” but I don't care, because I can tell it's going to be awesome and artsy and confusing and all-around delightful. August 17th cannot come soon enough.

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