Video: Tyler The Creator Punks The Wanted In A Really Dark Way

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Last night on MTV's Punk'd, they let professional internet (and IRL) troll Tyler the Creator loose on such unsuspecting, innocent targets as 90210 actress Shenae Grimes and professional douche Scott Disick (okay, so maybe he had it coming). But by far the darkest prank was performed on British-Irish boy band The Wanted; Tyler made it boy band specific in a way that was equal parts brilliant and horrifying.

For his prank on The Wanted (which starts around 16:00), Tyler framed them for child kidnapping by planting a 10-year-old girl who had just gotten their autographs in the back of their (suddenly sinister) van. The cops showed up, they were cuffed against the wall, and the guys seemed genuinely upset. This is understandable, considering they thought they were about to be accused of an unthinkable crime, get branded as pedophiles, and go to jail forever, oh noz. Just kidding, it's just naughty old Tyler psyching people out about child molestation again, LOL!

The joke, of course, is that the types of bands who appeal primarily to pre-pubescent girls might want to fuck those pre-pubescent girls. Ha ha, very funny. UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT IT FOR EVEN ONE SECOND. Then again, could we have expected anything less from the guy who raps about raping Goldilocks? I wouldn't think so.

(Via Vulture)