Video: This ‘Saved By The Bell’ Spoof Is Full Of Death And Murder

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Ever wanted to see the cast of Saved By The Bell impaled by pointy objects? Today's your lucky day, then, because actor/musician Miles Fisher has made a video that fulfills all your weirdest fantasies about Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski. It's supposed to be a viral promo for Final Destination 5, which, well, good luck with that, but I am choosing instead to take it as a literal skewering of the too-soon nineties nostalgia that's currently invading our culture. I have had enough of that, thanks.

Populated by the cast of the aforementioned sequel-to-a-sequel, the video follows the Bayside crew as they fail to outwit various bloody fates. This theme echoes that of the last Miles Fisher video to go viral, which took The Talking Heads' “This Must Be The Place” and placed it in an American Psycho context. (Dude looks a frightening amount like Christian Bale.) The song itself, a Fisher original called “New Romance,” is sort of repetitive and forgettable, but then again, so was much of Saved By The Bell. Maybe don't quit acting and directing, Miles Fisher.