Video: The Top 5 Renditions Of ‘I Will Always Love You’ Since Whitney Houston’s Death

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Ever since Whitney Houston‘s untimely death, celebrities have been paying tribute to her by performing “I Will Always Love You,” which was penned by Dolly Parton but made famous by Whitney's amazing rendition. This type of memorializing tends to serve the double purpose of paying tribute to Whitney and getting that celebrity what he or she hopes is the right kind of attention. Here are the five best ones, so far.

1. Aretha Franklin at a private concert in Charlotte, NC

Whitney's “honorary aunt” did a wonderful job with it. No surprise there.

2. Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys

Jennifer Hudson's emotional performance both memorialized Whitney Houston and reminded everyone that she's more than just a Weight Watchers spokesmodel.

3. Amber Riley on Glee

This was filmed before Whitney Houston's death, hence making it more of a coincidence than a tribute. But it aired afterwards, so it still effectively functioned as a memorial. In any case, kudos to Amber Riley and her pipes.

4. Girls front man Christopher Owens at the Laneway Festival in Singapore

The 32-year-old indie rock star might seem like an unlikely person to pay tribute to Whitney in this way, but he has long professed a love of soul, R&B, and pop music. He also struggles with opiate addiction, so this death probably hits close to home for him.

5. Chris Cornell at an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco

Whatever you think of his recorded material, dude has one of the best voices in alt-rock. This makes me glad he's drifting back in the right direction with the Soundgarden reunion.