Video: The ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’ Guy Puts His Mouth On Paul Rudd

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I simply cannot get enough of the web series “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” which is produced by the remarkably Kenneth-esque SNL writer Mike O'Brien. With his awkward questions, “closet theater” and hot makeout seshes, what's not to like? I also can't get enough of Paul Rudd, for all the obvious reasons. So as you can imagine, the new “Seven Minutes In Heaven” featuring Paul Rudd is a double whammy of goodness.

In this new episode, Mike and Paul discuss Polish Jew emigration, “butt hole hair,” and even their favorite desserts. They also do a bit of closet theater where Rudd does an excellent impression of a scary ghost. But the best part comes at the end when it's time for O'Brien to try to lock lips with Rudd, and he…well, he's a very good sport about it all. And that's why we love him! Well, that and his dreamy eyes. Watch the whole sexy thing above.

(Via Buzzfeed)