Video: ‘The Office’ Cast Does A Lipdub

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Have you missedThe Office as much as we have? Don’t worry, Michael Scott and his gang of neutrally-attired employees return to the airwaves tomorrow night. To celebrate, the cast put together a lipdub — and their effort does not disappoint. (We find the ending particularly adorable, but then again, we’ve always had a little crush on Ryan.)

Since we can’t wait until Thursday, and because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere (though not in Scranton), we’ve created The Unofficial ‘Office’ Lipdub Drinking Game:

• Every time you see a Dunder Mifflin sign, take a shot.
• For each inch Ed Helms‘ gravity-defying eyebrows lift in lipdubby excitement, take a sip.
• Wish your office got to lip-synch on camera? Bottoms up.
• Whenever you wonder just exactly what the heck song is playing here, finish your drink.

(via Urlesque)