Video: The Many Deaths Of Steve Buscemi

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Everybody loves Steve Buscemi, but that doesn't stop him from getting killed over and over again in movies. As great an actor as he is, he generally plays a sidekick to the leading man, so when it's time for someone to go, I guess he seems like the logical choice. It certainly doesn't hurt that he's so damn good at it, either.

A handy video editor who calls himself dondrapersayswhat made an awesome supercut of all Buscemi's on screen deaths just in time for Halloween. Will the same fate befall his Boardwalk Empire character Nucky Thompson, or is he too central a character to kill off? My instincts say he's a survivor, but nothing is a given on that show. One thing's for sure: Buscemi has finally landed the complex and dashing(!) lead role he deserves.

(Via Laughing Squid)