Video: The Hipster Games Is Like The Hunger Games, Only With…You Know

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It’s 2012. Are you tired of h-word jokes yet? If not, watch this hipster-ized parody of The Hunger Games, in which trendy representatives from the five districts (Brooklyn, Austin, Portland, Silverlake, and Oakland, ‘natch) must fight to the death.

It’s got all the stereotypes that Wyoma Films used in their “Hipster Olympics” sketch back in 2007 (hipsters don’t care about stuff! Hipsters like brunch! Hipsters drink PBR! Hipsters listen to obscure music! Hipsters are vegans!), only this time, they’re served with a side of imminent death.

While it’s a cute way to parody The Hunger Games, I must say it’s hard to do these kinds of jokes well, because if you are at all sloppy or broad, they will fall flat with the very audiences who are supposed to get the references and laugh at themselves. Veganism, for instance, hasn’t been “hip” since the turn of the millennium. Trendy restaurants deal almost exclusively in farm-to-table meats these days, as semi-famously parodied in Portlandia‘s sketch about Kevin the chicken. Come to think of it, Portlandia might be one of the only effective skewerings of “hip people” I’ve ever seen. Probably because it’s made by “hip people.”

I did appreciate the ridiculous names, though, because “Falafel Malarchy” sounds like he could be a street artist I know. And points for using “I can’t afford to dress like that” in reference to an expensive blazer.

(Via Youtube)