Video: The Blink-182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered

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Following in the footsteps of that Lady Gaga Google Chrome commercial, newly reunited pop punk band Blink-182 have decided to take it a step further and make a whole, official music video stitched together from fan tributes on Youtube. The single, “Up All Night,” is taken from their forthcoming album Neighborhoods and sounds like the same old Blink-182 I listened to in high school, only slower. The video begins with a message:

To launch our first single in eight years, AT&T helped us search Youtube for every instance of fans using our music without our permission, and rewarded them for it. The following is made out of clips from all those videos. Thanks for being a fan.

Isn't that sweet? Despite being significantly older than their average fan these days (Travis Barker is 35), they've demonstrated an understanding of the Internet few major label artists have. Rather than fight to pull their music out of every single clip (a losing battle if ever there was one), the band has recognized that the fans who post these videos actually like them, more than anyone else, probably. Rather than alienate fans and squelch creativity, they've worked with them to create something cool. Either that, or they didn't feel like filming a music video themselves. Who knows?

Predictably, the fan tributes consist mostly of Jackass style stunts and footage guys took of themselves playing the drums, with some claymation and anime thrown in for good measure. But when stitched together like that, the video takes on a touching, almost nostalgic quality. (I half expected Green Day's “Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)” to start up.) I predict this will set off a trend of artists making these kinds of videos. They're cheap, they're fun, and they make fans happy.