Video: Teen Rapper Kitty Pryde Blows Up The Internet With Youtube Hit ‘Okay Cupid’

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Every once in a blue moon, something manages to become viral not because it's “cute,” “fail” or “WTF,” but because it fills one of those rare vacuums left in pop culture. Up-and-coming Youtube rap sensation Kitty Pryde manages to do just that with her ear-smacking combo of humor, sex, hashtags, and self-awareness.

Kitty Pryde's “Okay Cupid” first came onto my radar yesterday, when several of my Facebook friends (ones whose taste I generally respect) posted about her. I clicked to find the above video for “Okay Cupid,” a sleepy-voiced rap song about ogling boys on the internet, sexy texting, getting fucked up, and all the other things that appear all too often in alarmist scare pieces, but which teen girls almost never get a platform to honestly discuss.

Like most teens' lives these days, the lyrics feature an amusing mixture of childlike activities (doodling a boy's name on her binder), internet culture (online dating!), and more “grown-up” activities like sexting. I love the way Kitty appropriates language generally used to describe women to talk about the cute boy she likes:

“Lordy, shorty you're a ten and I wait for your drunk dials at 3:30am, I love them.”

Throughout all the fear mongering and hand-wringing about what's happening to the youth of today, nobody ever stopped to think that rather than being irreversibly damaged by it, a teenage girl might legitimately like getting drunk dialed or sexted by the right person. It's fun to get attention from your crush!

Another amusing expression of teen sexuality comes on the song “Justin Bieber,” which puts into words what all those teenyboppers are inarticulately expressing in their screams:

“Boys are like milk and they expire if you’re late on em/ It’s legal for me, I don’t even have to wait on em.”

Of course, this is tongue-in-cheek, but it's also true. To a teenage girl, a cute teenage boy is the sexiest thing in the world, and the discovery that it's not too hard to seduce them can feel like an Earth-shattering revelation.
I do feel a wee bit creepy peering in on a teen girl's life like this, but not too much, because it wasn't too long ago that I was having the same thoughts, myself. The more I listen to this chick, the more I think she a.) has some actual talent with language, b.) doesn't fall victim to the Kreayshawn trap of bitching out haters and taking herself too seriously, and c.) expresses a viewpoint that's never been expressed in rap before. She might just be another flash in the electronic pan, but with attention from folks like The Fader and Vice, a recently acquired management team, and her laid back and silly sense of humor working for her, she might just be able to make the jump from Tumblr chick to full-fledged recording artist.
(Via The Fader)