Video: Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Hair Tutorial!

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No, Chelsea Houska isn’t the one giving the tutorial. But it IS based off of her actual hair techniques, so just in case you ever wanted to wear your hair like Chelsea (I’m going to ignore the fact that Chelsea’s hair often looks somewhat questionable), now you can!

Steph, who runs the YouTube channel CityAndMakeup, tweeted Chelsea to ask her how she made her hair do that crazy curly ash-blonde thing she had going on in the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, and surprise, Chelsea tweeted back! Naturally, it involves a curling iron, so if you, too, would like to sport these corkscrew curls, be prepared to set aside a pretty good chunk of time in order to accomplish them.

Ta-da! I actually think Steph’s hair looks better than Chelsea’s usually does; I’m not wild about that shade of blonde on either of them, but Chelsea always tries for the artfully disheveled look with the result that it just looks kind of messy. Interesting, given that Chelsea so badly wants to attend beauty school.

Of course, the reason Chelsea REALLY loses here is that she’s got that Thing that calls itself Adam Lind sitting next to her. Seriously, Chelsea. I know he’s your daughter’s father. But he is a TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING AND YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

Anyway, happy Saturday!

[Via Starcasm]