Video: Taiwanese Animation Predicts What The Lindsay Lohan ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ Has In Store For Us

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As you may know, a very LiLo E! True Hollywood Story is airing tonight at 8pm, and it has the potential to be quite scintillating. Between the Playboy pictures, court appearances, community service, lost roles, and rumors of substance abuse, it's not like there's any shortage of material here. Then again, Lohan has not always been very forthcoming in the past when discussing her issues, so it might look more like Paris Hilton‘s softball post-jail interview with Barbara Walters than anything resembling good train wreck entertainment.

Luckily, the Lindsay Lohan E! True Hollywood Story has pretty much been told already by Taiwanese animators. Let's make some predictions for tonight's program with the help of these charming clips:

1.) Lindsay Lohan was thinking about Robert Downey, Jr. when she received her first jail sentence.

2.) Lindsay Lohan did not go to regular jail, but sexy lesbian jail.

3.) When Lindsay Lohan got kicked out of the Marc Jacobs party, she landed flat on her face.

4.) Lindsay Lohan likes to drunk-drive around in the car from the Herbie movies.

5.) Lindsay Lohan weeps melodramatically to try to get out of tough sentences.

Find out which of these predictions are accurate, tonight on E!'s True Hollywood Story: Lindsay Lohan.