Video: Someone Made A Mash-Up Of Home Alone And We Need To Talk About Kevin

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Anyone still disturbed by the fact that 1990 hit Home Alone let Kevin McCallister‘s budding sociopathic tendencies go largely unremarked will feel vindicated by this video mash-up of said movie and the 2011 psycho-thriller We Need To Talk About Kevin. So what if one film is about a school shooting and the other is about a kid getting left home alone over Christmas? They go together uncannily well.

We Need To Talk About Kevin McCallister pairs Macaulay Culkin‘s creepier moments with Tilda Swinton‘s looks of horror and foreboding, as well as made up quotes like “Macaulay is clearly the most frightening of the Culkin children” (–Joe Pesci). It's almost like they're the exact same movie! Lynne Ramsay had best hope John Hughes doesn't call her up asking for royalties.

(Via Vulture)