Video: Seth Rogen Looks Svelte In ‘Green Hornet’ Trailer

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Green HornetWe've been watching in awe as shlumpy comedian Seth Rogen slimmed down and beefed up for his lead role in the comic book action flick The Green Hornet. In this just-released trailer, Seth, who came to movie star fame as the man-child star of Knocked Up, looks awesome as he transforms himself into superhero Green Hornet, taking over the reins from his newspaper mogul father, after his mysterious death.

Helping him along the way is newcomer Jay Chou (who kind of looks like Star Trek‘s Jon Cho), who steals the show as martial arts expert Kato, and his secretary Lenore Case, played by Cameron Diaz. And, of course there are bad guys. The baddest is played by Inglorious BasterdsChristoph Waltz. The movie's due to premiere in January. Does this action-packed — and funny — trailer make you want to buy a ticket? We'll admit it: we're pumped.